Light Version Of Intel’s Video Analytics Platform Now Free

November 20, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Intel has tweaked the offer for its video analytics technology  (aka face pattern detection/counting) by making a version of free to use, and not just for a trial period.

The Silver edition of the Intel AIM Suite is now positioned as a way for retailers, brands and screen network operators to check out and start to understand the value and impact of the tech before making a commitment to the full featured version.

The Silver one does all the basic stuff – detecting and counting the numbers of people who look at visual messaging in a defined area, and then logging how long each viewer engages. Silver users get access to online reports.

The  Gold edition, sold on a SaaS basis, includes: Gender Detection, Age Determination, Facial Position Detection, Viewer Size and Distance Detection, the Opportunity To See Counting Algorithm and richer reporting that includes Return On Objectives analytics.

To run the tech, you need a PC (the software can co-exist with a digital signage player if it’s a PC) and a camera – even just a Logitech off the shelf at Best Buy.

Details on the offer are here.

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