Signagelive, Seneca Data Debut Sub-$1K Digital Signage Bundle

November 19, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Signagelive and Seneca Data have worked a bundle deal that sees the upstate NY commercial PC maker ship a box with pre-loaded software, three years of platform access and three year warranty, for sub-$1,000.

The bundled solution features an Intel-powered Windows 7 Embedded media player with 2GB of memory and 320GB of internal storage, pre-installed with Signagelive Display Edition software.

Software/hardware bundles in this sector are not new, but it’s rare to see the whole shot at less than $1K and with an activation routine that amounts to little more than plugging in the box, plugging in a keyboard, and entering a 6-digit  code.

The companies say they collaborated on optimizing the Seneca X4-525 media player to combione price and performance. The unit is rated to handle: multi-zone content, video walls, RSS tickers, live video via IPTV and many other functions.


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