Preset Mixer 2013 Coming Together Nicely

Preset Mixer FINAL from studio10productions on Vimeo.

For once, I am not heading deep into January or February and thinking, “Hmmm, guess I should start getting the Preset Mixer together …”

Instead, it is pretty much together already. New venue. More people. And best, we have engaged an events planner who actually knows how to pull these things off properly. There is now a fleeting chance I might have to mix and mingle, instead of run around like crazy all night.

The venue is not totally locked, but we have all details and the date penciled in. If we go with this one we’ll be up on something like the 55th floor overlooking the Las Vegas strip.

The date is Feb. 26th, and we’ll start at 5:30 (like the 2012 version) so that people can come over after the conference sessions or booth set-up is wrapped, and still have time to go out after for dinner or hit another function, like the DSE’s annual VIP cocktail party.

If you don’t know much about this event, The Preset Group has been doing it for several years and it is now something of a tradition to get people together for a cocktail and ritual chanting/handling of snakes the night before the trade show floor opens at Digital Signage Expo.

We will have six only sponsors (down from 10) and four of six are already spoken for. If you want to grab one of the last two, I will need to know quickly. I have a sponsor sheet that explains the set-up and benefits.

As for tickets, I doubt we’ll have those ready to distribute until some time in January, but we’ll likely do it earlier than in the past so we can deal with printing, etc, if we do name badges again.



Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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