Project Profile: Using Digital Signage Tech In Classrooms

November 6, 2012 by Dave Haynes

This is different.

The Culinary Program at Okanagan College, a community college in south central British Columbia, is using digital signage gear to demonstrate food handling, preparation and cooking techniques to students. That’s usually been done with big fella mirrors hanging at an angle over the instructor’s table, but that has always meant just one long view on what’s happening.

Points West Audio Visual in Kelowna, BC (great area, BTW) sells Chief mounting gear and put together a plan that had a pair of 60” HD plasma displays hanging off Chief’s Large Flat Panel Ceiling Mounts with adjustable columns and ceiling plates. Chief, in a new case study, saysHD camcorders hang from the ceiling and are aimed at the food preparation surface. The two flat screens allow students to see what the instructor is working on at the main prep table. The product reliability and durability of the mount was crucial due to the unique environment and working conditions.”

The instructor also has the option to switch the display over to a laptop mounted to a nearby support beam using the Chief Kontour dual arm wall mount with optional laptop tray. This mount was very important to the instructors who needed to be able to access information quickly and easily in addition to providing a comfortable workstation that allows for greater productivity.

It’s all worked very nicely and eight cameras and four large flat screen monitors have been added in adjoining areas of the Culinary Arts building –  in the bakery, the cold preparation kitchen, the main soup kitchen and the front line area.

The screens show images on a cycle. so people in the main dining room and the cafeteria see how their food orders are being prepped.


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