DOOHgood Update: Screach Adds Instagram App For #Sandy

November 1, 2012 by Dave Haynes

David Weinfeld, back in the dark days of life as a Preset member, had the original idea (I think) around using Digital OOH networks to get the word out about disaster relief.

He’s gone on to much better things – and much younger colleagues – working as the Chief Strategy Officer for Screach. But he remains a big DOOHgood supporter, and has had the team develop an app that uses Instagram to display images and calls to action for Hurricane Sandy relief.

“Using new social media visualization tools created by the team at Screach,” says Weinfeld, “we have created two Instagram Photo Walls that can be used across any, and all, Digital OOH networks. It’s a Flash-based experience that pulls in Instagram photos with a specific hashtag.

It can run on any content management system that runs Flash. It has built-in language moderation.

To use it, the URL just has to be dropped into the content management system. The script runs off Screach servers.



It is open and free for any network to use. There is moderation, as noted, but bear in mind no auto-moderation is foolproof and a machine can’t scrub language that might be in the image.

Separately, we are still looking for a motion graphics content producer to come up with a 15-second video spot. For 2-3 hours of your time, you can make a big difference with a spot running on 1,000s of screens.

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