Planning: ADstruc, Telmar Work Strategic Partnership

October 31, 2012 by Dave Haynes

ADstruc and Telmar have worked a strategic partnership and integration deal that sees one of the biggest media planning platforms tied into a platform that helps agencies find out of home and digital out of home media avails.

“An industry first,” says ADstruc, “Telmar’s planning software now seamlessly connects into ADstruc’s buying software to provide media buyers and sellers with an end-to-end solution.”

Thousands of agencies use Telmar’s TOPS system for planning, and with this arrangement, they can now post media campaign RFPs directly out of TOPS and into ADstruc.

ADstruc reports having some 1,000 outdoor and digital OOH media companies in its system, and suggest that amounts to about 80 percent of the available out-of-home ad inventory in the U.S.

In a statement, ADstruc says TOPS users’ standard planning tools and process will remain unchanged. “Once a TOPS user completes a plan on TOPS, the ADstruc integration incorporates the TOPS plan into an RFP and then submits the RFP directly to operators without ever leaving TOPS. As operators respond to the RFP with proposals, ADstruc’s technology automatically organizes the proposals and presents it in a single, interactive, online proposal with tools that make executing the campaign an easy and efficient process.”

What ADstruc does has a lot of similarities to companies like Ayuda and DOmedia (and some others), using web tools and mapping and some sophisticated databases to power planning and targeting. There is always lots of talk about Digital OOH networks getting into “the systems” of the major holding companies. This is a nice deal for ADstruc, at least at first pass, and suggests the medium is now at a point that platforms like Telmar want it integrated. However, it might also have a lot to do with traditional billboards and poster faces.


  1. […] Interesting. There’s also the pure play start-up DoMedia, which has a relationship with Starcom and Telmar. Plus there’s Vukunet. And then there’s AdStruc, which also has a relationship with Telmar. […]

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