People: Post Acquisition, Atley Last Of Key Execs To Leave Adcentricity

October 3, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I wondered about the status of Jeff Atley, one of the founders of Adcentricity, when there was a news piece a couple of weeks ago and I poked around the site and did not see his name listed in the management team.

It’s official now that the other co-founder of the Toronto Digital OOH company has pulled the plug and moved on, six months after the firm was acquired by Bee Media. He has also apparently been talked off the ledge (pic is Atley doing the CN Tower edge walk really high above Toronto).

Atley sent an overnight email saying he stayed on to assist the transition but now he was done. “It has been a fantastic journey as a co-founder building this company with my partners Rob Gorrie, Laurie Freudenburg and the team that helped create this great company.”

“As this chapter concludes, the journey continues. There are incredible opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital, mobile, content, technology and communications landscape.”


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