Adcentricity Surfaces, Announces Varied New Network Partner List

September 21, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Adcentricity has continued to be very quiet since its acquisition and changing of guard this spring, but the company pushed out a news release this week saying it is still here and in fact growing.

The company – which now describes itself as a location-based marketer (and not ad network) – says it is now sales repping several new companies added in recent weeks. Judging by the very wide variety, the company is doing the transmedia/omnichannel/chooseyourbuzzword sale thing.

The new companies, says a release, include a curiously unnamed network of some “1,000 national taxicab screens, available to advertisers as traditional spot buys or custom interactive channels.”

Also …

GreenOwl Mobile, which has a platform that delivers “audio and visual messages to drivers by location, time of day, weather, traffic speed and other variables.”

I can’t speak for other Canadian provinces, but in the most heavily populated one fiddling with your phone while driving is a big Distracted Driver fine. Hmmm.

Through our partnership with BOLDstreet Wireless, Adcentricity has opened up the availability of ad space on Wifi networks located in coffee shops, airports and shopping malls throughout Canada. As our first Wifi partner, Adcentricity is very excited to be able to offer clients Wifi ad inventory through BOLDstreet.

The iGotcha Media network adds to Adcentricity’s digital signage inventory with screens in over 25 of Montreal and area’s better golf courses, reaching the highly sought after affluent golfer demographic.

The Optometry News Network offers highly targeted messaging in optometry clinic waiting rooms, often combined with eyeglass shops, reaching a very specific audience at both the point of care and point of sale.

Adcentricity’s partnership with The Media Merchants affords us the opportunity to pair outdoor night projections and street-facing custom interactive storefronts with our existing digital signage and location-based offerings.

The Vif Tele network reaches consumers at Laurentian Bank branded bank machines strategically placed in high-traffic areas and increases Adcentricity’s current foothold in the Quebec market by 72 additional locations.

These new networks, the company reports, brings the total available to advertisers to nearly 90, representing over 240,000 screens, in over 71,000 venues across North America.

I’ve already seen one email that emphatically states their company did not clear this news and has no deal with Adcentricity, and another that says the company has a deal, but isn’t exactly thrilled with the sales results.

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