Video: Cheryl Cole Interactive Digital OOH Poster In UK Mall

September 18, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Polydor Records, Cheryl Cole from clearchanneluk on Vimeo.

Here’s a brief – too brief really, but it’s at least something – video showing how that Cheryl Cole interactive dance thingie worked with Screenreach at a UK shopping mall.

To promote the UK pop star’s new album, A Million Lights, ClearChannel UK worked with with TED@MediaCom and Screenreach on a movement-based dance game running on a digital poster and activated by mobile.

Fans were able to dance along with the video, says the video description, by activating the screens and downloading an interactive Screach app onto their smartphone. Once downloaded the app registered all movements against Cheryl’s moves in the video, awarding points to fans according to how closely they matched Cheryl.

Points could then be shared through Facebook and compared to friends’ performances. Up to four participants could play the game at any one time, meaning friends competed against each other in real time. The campaign was in place over six weeks, with fans competing for the prize of a chance to win tickets to see Cheryl Cole in concert.

Video is so, so important with this kind of thing. Too many companies send out releases saying, “We did this cool thing, and here’s a written description of what we did. Now use your imagination to picture it in action.”

This clip is awfully short, but as indicated, at least you get a quick sense of what went on.

No metrics either. There’s a percentage of the population that would be all over this, but also a much bigger percentage who wouldn’t be caught dead shaking it for all to see in a shopping mall.


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