Content: Screenfeed Hits The Road With National Geographic “Destinations” Clips

September 13, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I will get squarely behind any content for digital screens that isn’t an utter commodity (like news, score and weather), so I was happy to get a note from Jeremy Gavin and his Screenfeed crew in the Twin Cities, announcing a new service focused on the renowned nature and global culture visuals of National Geographic.

The service – called Destinations – is a running series of  2-minute video shorts that use stills and footage from the organization.

“Screenfeed is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, syndicated media for the digital signage medium. We understand what works and the challenge involved in gaining an audience. National Geographic’s dedication towards delivering indescribable sights and scenery is a perfect ingredient to deliver content that will get folks looking up from their smart phones to enjoy the view,” says Jeremy Gavin, CEO of Screenfeed.

A new Destinations piece will be added to the series each week, and networks that subscribe to the feed get the new pieces as well as full access to the archive. Screenfeed produces Destinations to work on screens with or without audio capabilities. The audio for each episode contains complete narration and background music, while on-screen information accompanies the imagery to entertain in venues without sound.

Integration into playlist loops is easy via Media RSS, or direct URL. Or operators can scoop files via old school methods like FTP.

“Teleporting viewers to Antarctica and the French Riviera is another ‘nail in the coffin’ to the old fashioned ticker,” says Steve Glancey, Director of Sales at Screenfeed. “Viewers expect great content or they won’t pay attention …”

Samples and pricing …


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