Project Profile: Wawa Rolls Out Screen Network Across Its 600 Stores

September 12, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The guys up the street from me at ADFLOW Networks (what, by the way, is this industry trend towards ALL CAPS?) sent me an update and some snappies on the work being done with the well-regarded c-store operator Wawa in the US.

The Burlington, ON digital signage platform provider now has its services running in the 600-plus Wawa stores south of the border, the latest being  brand new locations in the Central Florida market.

This comes a year after Wawa wrapped up a 25-store pilot with ADFLOW and the CEO had his Make It So moment, and greenlighted the rollout. “Our new digital signage showcases our offer in a much more upscale, appealing way and moves us closer to our vision of fast casual to go,” says Howard Stoeckel, CEO of Wawa.

Wawa uses in-store digital signage to drive awareness for new products and promote food and beverage options based on the time of day. Screens are fixed in the foodservice and coffee areas.

“The feedback from customers and store associates was extremely positive after our initial rollout,” says Steve Gamble, Manager, Marketing Services, Wawa. “With ADFLOW, we found a digital signage partner who was flexible, creative and great to work with.”

In an interesting twist (never seen this), a presentation by the Wawa team in slides and audio explains what they are doing and why, and the vendor selection process.

I like this.

First because it is not a Build It And Pray Ads Will Pay For it model (rarely works) and, second, because the screens look to be where they probably should be, and the creative is attractive and to the point.

And there’s no stupid news and weather things!!!

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