RMG Adds Online To Travel Media Offer

September 5, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The lines continue to blur on digital advertising sales and placement – the latest being Digital OOH company RMG Networks doing a deal to sell the ad avails on WiFi-enabled browsers on US airline flights.

The announcement today is a little fuzzy on details, but presumably the exclusive media sales partnership with Gogo, which has brought consumer internet access into commercial flight, means when one fires up whatever device and hits the Gogo WiFi, they’ll get interstitial ads before they get anywhere online. And presumably you are getting ads even if you are paying for Gogo … which will thoroughly delight the flying masses.

RMG has already done a nice job of getting out of some wobbly verticals and being laser-focused on the travel market, with media partnerships with virtually every US airline and in airports. They sell digital video advertising opportunities across 100 airport executive lounges, over 110,000 in-flight seatback television screens, and now web advertising in the sky on some 1,500 commercial jets.

Gogo Wi-Fi service us running on Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin America, AirTran Airways, and US Airways (so what’s on Southwest???).

“The addition of Gogo’s in-flight digital assets to RMG’s media portfolio, provides an activation mechanism for brands to use in conjunction with the in-flight entertainment media that RMG currently offers” said Chuck Strottman, VP of Marketing for RMG. “RMG’s partnership with Gogo provides a single point of contact for brands that want to reach business decision makers and affluent consumers at the airport, on the plane, and in the air.”

Gogo is not to be confused with Gogocast.

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