Project Profile: Interactive Wayfinders At Upstate NY Mall

August 29, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Erin Doherty from Four Winds Interactive sent along a nice piece from the Syracuse Post-Standard that profiles an expanded shopping mall in that city (Destiny USA) and the big push the mall operator did with digital wayfinding directories powered by FWi’s platform.

It’s pretty familiar territory for digital wayfinding systems, but nicely executed. I like the application of QR codes here, which is actually useful – allowing people to scan a code that has directions to the destination in the mall they just looked up. That way, you take the directions with you as you head to that store.

The video is shot from too far away to see what’s really going on with the interactivity, but you get the idea watching it.

Feature Photo: Michelle Gabel/The Post-Standard


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