Lil Wayne’s Projection-Mapped Mannequins

August 24, 2012 by Dave Haynes

If you can projection map a church, doing the same on a couple of retail mannequins would have to be dead-easy. Still, a project pulled off this week at a Las Vegas trade show was an interesting demo of what’s possible with a little planning and some short-throw projectors.

The Magic Marketplace show this week – which curiously has nothing to do with magic (it’s a fashion industry event) – included a booth for TRUKFIT, an apparel collection that involves rapper Lil Wayne.

Pearl Media put together a plan that used mannequins as the prime projection surface, with irregular shaped backdrops as the secondary image surface.

Not only does the technology create a spectacle that attracts consumers to view the clothing line, suggests Pearl in a press release, it revolutionizes the traditional window-shopping experience and creates a lasting impression for the consumer. With this technology, retailers have the ability to showcase more products, more options and more combinations of clothing than ever before, while streamlining operations. The clothing can be placed in situation, or in front of a wide range of backgrounds.

My impending geezer status can pretty much tell you what I think of the music and threads, but the actual installation is pretty interesting. It would be high maintenance because of the bulbs and problematic because of bright lighting in most retail settings, but painting a mannequin with light to show different outfits is kinda neat.

Now to iTunes to get me some My Homies Still.

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