Gear: Giada’s Super-Skinny $274 PC

August 15, 2012 by Dave Haynes

“Giada” is Italian for “Jade” but that’s about the only tie this mini PC company has to the land of Amarone and bunga bunga parties. The manufacturer is actually Shenzen Jiehe Technology Development Corp., which is definitely not based in Torino.

The company’s newly announced i35G mini PC is the sort of teeny tiny box that could easily tuck away in a digital signage project that had tight confines. The box uses an Intel Atom D2500 series processor and an NVIDIA GT610 GPU, and is spec’d to push out  1080p video.

The unit is just 192 x 155 x 26mm (or  7.5″ by 6.1″ by 1″ for people who cross-eyed at the sight of metric measures). It has VGA and HDMI connectors, and 5 USB 2.0 ports. You can buy them now in the US and Canada, and the price is just $274. Doesn’t say where and keep in mind you need an OS, which may or not be priced in.

The company appears to have a stack of different teeny players with varied specs. Don’t know anyone using them in this sector, but there may well be.

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