Adcentricity Buys Proximity Marketer

August 7, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Adcentricity has been very quiet since its acquisition by Bee Media back in April, and a couple of runs through the company’s site has not left me entirely grounded on what it now is or does. But, evidently mobile marketing is part of the mix.

The company announced today “the acquisition of the business of Media 2 Go International Inc., a company with proprietary patent pending Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-based proximity marketing technology.”

The company does broadcasting of multimedia promotional content directly to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. Under Adcentricity, that service will be called ADAir, and will be rolled into the firm’s location-based digital media management platform ADCentral.

“This adds a new level of consumer engagement. We can now upgrade a passive digital screen to an interactive digital experience, delivering relevant content to a consumer’s mobile phone, in proximity to the digital screen. Consumers get an enhanced brand experience and advertisers get quantifiable results and measurable return on investment,” says Doug Woolridge, CEO. “Advertisers and brands will now have the ability to target consumers on their mobile devices when they advertise on digital out-of–home screens through ADCentral.”

Never heard of this company and there are lots of carcasses of start-ups that tried to make a go of Bluetooth proximity marketing. Not easy. You have to get people to turn BlueTooth on, get over spam fears, etc, etc, etc. I assume this was not a blockbuster of a financial deal.

Based on the website, these guys were pretty new on the scene and not exactly spoiled for clients. No idea if the company is related to these guys with the similar name and business model.


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