Interactive: Screenreach Launches Dance With Cheryl Cole Mobile App

August 6, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The guys at Screenreach have launched a program that lets shoppers at a UK mall spark up their smartphones and emulate the dance moves of Brit pop star Cheryl Cole.

The movement-based dance game requires people – presumably 16 year old girls are the audience here – to download a Screach mobile app and then interact with a ClearChannel UK digital poster at Sheffield’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

This begs a video to help get the head around how all this works, but all we have are some smartphone screens (have asked for video).

Says the release:

As a media first and as part of Polydor Records’ promotion of her new album – ‘A Million Lights,’ the campaign was devised and co-ordinated by TED@MediaCom – the entertainment division of the UK’s leading media agency. Working in partnership with Clear Channel UK, the leaders in outdoor advertising, and Screach, creators of the interactive Screach app, TED@MediaCom’s campaign for Universal will see and hear the first single from Cheryl’s new album – ‘Call My Name,’ played on interactive screens within shopping malls, starting with Meadowhall.

To dance along with the video, fans can activate the screens by downloading the interactive Screach app onto their smart-phone.

Once downloaded the app registers all movements against Cheryl’s moves in the video, awarding points to fans according to how closely they match Cheryl. These points can then be shared through Facebook and compared to friends’ performances.

Up to four players can play the game at any one time, meaning friends can compete against each other in real time. Additionally, as the scores are published to Facebook, fans can use their score to invite friends to join them at the shopping centre to compete in the game.

The initiative will be in place for the next six weeks and fans will compete for the prize of a chance to see Cheryl Cole on tour.

“With any Universal Music campaign our challenge is to use the content available to us to activate the most important asset, the fans,” says John Beardsworth, Associate Director, TED@MediaCom. “Cheryl is a great case in point, with nearly 5m Facebook friends and 2.5m Twitter followers we have an army of devoted fans ready to get involved. Through Clear Channel’s digital six sheet unit and Screach‘s app, we are able to deliver a totally interactive experience where fans engage with the campaigns key asset, Cheryl’s new video.’

For those over here in North America, wondering “who dat?”, Cole is a huge pop star in the UK and a constant fixture in the tabloids.

The measurement coming out of this will be interesting. Getting people to interact in public can be a challenge, and getting them to bust some moves makes the challenge even greater, you’d at least think.


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