Flanigan Signs On With Pro-Motion Group As VP Comms

July 23, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Paul Flanigan slipped me the happy news last week that he was signing on with Pro-Motion Technology Group as the company’s VP of Communications.

If you are quietly wondering who Pro-Motion is, that’s the point of Paul getting involved.

The Detroit-area company describes itself as “the nation’s largest supplier of completely integrated communications solutions” and notes its backing of “complete sales, service and maintenance to provide retailers, restaurants, automotive, and other industries with quality, name-brand audio/video equipment and cutting-edge content and information technology strategies.”

The company did $35 million last year and has been in business for a quarter-century, but its profile is far lower than companies that do way less trade and have been around for just a few years. So … it is Paul’s job to change that around and get the company into the middle of the industry and ecosystem radar screen.

He’ll effectively be the voice of the company, and the guy you see at the trade shows and the conferences getting mike time and waving the company flag.

If you know Flanigan, you know this is pretty much ideal. He’s extremely good in front of crowds, funny and gregarious and deeply knowledgeable about the sector and the really important stuff like brand integrity and content strategy.

He’s not a sales guy, but will be involved in that process when the sales people need to wheel in a Mr. SmartyPants to help seal the deal.

Paul, if you don’t know him, has a past that goes back to pro sports and guiding the fan experience in major and minor league baseball. He pretty much ran Best Buy’s digital retail network and then was one of the founders of The Preset Group in 2009.

He had a bit of a bumpy road post-Preset — trying the speaker for hire route and working in roles that perhaps didn’t quite fit or didn’t play out as spec’d – but this new gig is pretty much right in his wheelhouse.

I don’t know a lot about Pro-Motion but do know they have a strong person (Lynn Matson) who started and still runs the company, and that Steve Nesbit has been advising them pretty steadily for the last couple of years.

This is day 1 on the job. He’ll continue to be based in Sacramento, but by the sounds of it will be on the road quite a bit.

There’s another well-known person in the process of changing business cards, as well. Just waiting on the PR OK on that, probably later this week.

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