Deadline For DSE Speaker Submissions Extended To Friday

July 17, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Expo folks have extended the deadline, just a little, for people who need/crave microphone time at the trade show/conference in February.

The new deadline on the call for speaker ideas is this Friday, and if you are pitching solo time or as part of a panel you will have to fill out a form.

These are the suggestions for topics that could be covered. I have put one in for the How Tos and What To Avoids when it comes to RFPs, which seems to be a lot of what I do these days (and, strangely, enjoy).

Warning about the form: It looks like one of those editable PDFs you can fill in via the browser and save. It’s not. At least it wasn’t for me. Fill it in and print to PDF.

Or fill it in twice, like I had to do.

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