Signagelive Gets A Brazilian

July 3, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Oh, the dreaded grip and grin photo …

This is one between Raffi Vartian of signagelive and a group of guys from Brazil who are the key people in a company called JBTec, which is now the preferred distributor for the UK-based SaaS product in the red-hot Brazilian market.

“JBTec is extremely happy to have Signagelive’s diverse solutions available for our customers,” says Bruno Gianzanti, CEO of JBTec.  “They are a perfect match for many of our customer who need a low-cost, but powerful solution.  Their support for multiple types of end-points – including tradition PC’s, Android/SMIL players and even your laptop’s screen saver – greatly expands the way our customers can use digital media to communicate.”  

This is a significant step for signagelive, who a year ago had the most modest toe-hold in North America but now has US management, sales and support and a beachhead in Latin America.

The decision to enter the Brazilian market, says a release today, depended on the ability to work with a partner like JBTec, a Sao Paulo-based company with over a decade in selling digital signage solutions into the Brazilian market.  Small and Medium sized businesses will especially benefit from the partnership, by working with JBTec and Signagelive to find the right solution for their budget.

“JBTec is a perfect partner for Signagelive: like us, they have built their company on top-notch service to the customer and will provide great local support for the market,” says Jason Cremins, CEO signagelive.  

This company was a Scala reseller, so I am sure the guys in that company were looking around for Advils this morning.

Adrian at DailyDOOH does a good job providing some background on what this is all about and some of the politics going on.


  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    No one should ever underestimate your headline writing prowess, Dave. You wax eloquent very concisely.

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