Tokyo’s Narita Airport Invests Big In Digital Signage

June 26, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Mitsubishi has finished the rollout of what it calls “Japan’s largest digital signage system” at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, with some 336 displays fixed individually and in clusters around the terminals.

I have my doubts it is really the biggest network in that country, but maybe the biggest in an airport, or in one venue, or some sort of qualifier like that.

Whatever the case, there’s a lot going on with this project, announced today.

The system covers all passenger terminal areas, and runs airport news, infotainment, advertising and a series of ambient segments with names like Living Japan and Aquarium Narita. The latter will see displays around the airport take on fish tank personas. The ambient programming will run on larger video walls and on a giant, concave OLED screen cluster in one of the international terminals.

Narita has branded the network Sky Gate Vision.

Says a release:

Narita International Airport has undertaken a fundamental review of airport information presentation and has introduced this digital signage system to deliver appropriate and timely information to its customers.

In addition to manufacturing the large display systems and the video streaming system, Mitsubishi Electric contributed to the overall concept design, including unit placement, design of the large display systems and LCDs, and video content creation, which includes choosing the clearest and most visually appealing fonts and progression speeds for each location and how to most effectively arrange displays to provide information and entertainment to waiting travelers.

The kit includes:

No Talking Flat Lady, however.

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