Video: Coke’s Digital End-Cap In Israel (Don’t Watch With Drink In Mouth)

June 22, 2012 by Dave Haynes

As I have noted lately, video is under-used in marketing for what is a video-based sector. Here’s an example of an Intel-bankrolled video that is some respects does a great job of showing the benefits of digital end-caps – in this case a Coca-Cola end-cap in use in Israel, powered by YCD software.

I like the end-cap, and having Coke help pitch this does not hurt.

The caveat here is how these things get produced. Canned interviews that have subjects reading off cue cards look like canned interviews with subjects reading off cue cards. I almost decorated my monitor with a mouthful of coffee at 1:29. Unintentionally funny.

People tune out on talking points. The best interviews and materials tends to come when people talk naturally. The footage is getting edited anyway, so the brand police can weed out the off-message stuff in post-production.

This also kinda comes across like an OxiClean infomercial.

But it is way better than doing a press release.



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