More On Those Square LCDs

June 22, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The German firm EyeVis could, I suppose, be manufacturing its own square LCD tiles, but there is a much greater chance they are re-branding units that Samsung was showing last week. EyeVis also apparently had them there, but I was too busy looking at their crazy-shaped MicroTiles alternatives, called OmniShapes.

Samsung is doing such a terrific job marketing these things a US reseller is using a photo off my phone to market the product. And I quote: “Comming soon!”

Meanwhile, EyeVis has a dedicated micro-site and several pages worth of deep detail about the things, including all important photos and drawings. The depth is just shy of 4 inches, so these things are ADA compliant like the bigger units are what Planar has also been marketing since March.

The things are LED backlit and have a less than 6 mm seam between units when tiled.

  1. David Drain says:

    Can you say more about the ADA compliant part? In my (limited) understanding, ADA compliance only pertains to touchscreens.

  2. Dave Haynes says:

    Hi David

    The ADA compliance thing has to do with how far something sticks out from a wall, the idea being someone who is visually impaired might bump into something.

    “Objects projecting from walls with their leading edges between 27 inches and 80 inches above the finished floor shall protrude no more than 4 inches into walks, halls, corridors, passageways, or aisles.”

  3. Eric Schmidt says:

    These things could really give the Christie product a run, based on depth considerations alone…

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