Astral Media Launches Digital Column Network in Downtown Montreal

June 20, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Astral Media’s OOH business unit has started rolling out a series of  30 “Digital Columns” around downtown Montreal this summer, either knowing something or being utterly oblivious to the university student protesters who have been clogging city streets for weeks on end, protesting tuition fee hikes.

The vast majority of students have been well-behaved, but give some cranky ones something big and expensive to trash, and … I might have held off.

Each column has a 72-inch LCD panel on one side and a geographical map of downtown on the opposite face. The columns will be installed in key locations throughout the city core and the arts district, the idea being they will be in front of nearly one million consumers per day. That would be a seriously duplicated number, but still …

The Digital Column network has the full bag of tricks in force, including QR Codes and NFC.

“The rollout of this highly innovative network once again demonstrates the creative and avant-garde nature of Astral Out-of-Home’s team and offer,” says Luc Sabbatini, President of Astral Out-of-Home. “We are particularly proud that the first Digital Column network in Canada is launched in Montréal, enabling our advertisers to target a highly active and mobile population segment where they work, shop and play.”

Going digital means one poster face is now six, meaning more revenue. And both printing and truck-roll costs are greatly reduced, Astral notes.


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