Samsung Turns On Curious New Square LCDs

June 15, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Samsung’s gigantor booth at InfoComm included a section devoted to a new product with the silky smooth product marketing title of UD22B – Square Type Super-Narrow Bezel Display .

Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

We’d be happy to give Samsung some advice, but our last contact with them was a lengthy call with their people trying to pry as much free advice as they could. Pffft.

Anyway, despite the ghastly handle and the really dubious assertion of being the first square display, like ever, the product itself is intriguing.

Samsung’s new UD22B is a 22-inch square type display with a one-to-one format and a super-narrow bezel that is perfect for customers looking for a totally unique display solution that allows them to build creative and artistic installations.

With the ability to daisy chain up to 100 units and a 1.8mm/3.7mm bezel that allows for seamless tiling, the UD22B provides endless flexibility for installations that are only limited by the imagination of the user.

The things have:

They don’t say how deep the units are, but if these are LCDs just cut differently from the mother glass then they should be pretty slim indeed. Lord knows why they packaged them up to look like MicroTiles when the selling point would be more around the absence of depth.

The Planar Salvador square units that came out a few months ago are 15-inchers, so the two products are not related.

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