Will 3D Sell More Burgers?

June 6, 2012 by Dave Haynes

We have a client in the QSR industry that does digital menu-boards and had the resources and smarts, early on, to actually ask customers what they thought about it.

Without going into it much, at all, the feedback to using digital’s capabilities to animate and promote stuff did not resonate with people. They didn’t to see dancing french fries and tomato wedges dropping in salads. They just wanted to see the food options and prices.

I’m already ambivalent as hell about glasses-free 3D, so I wonder about the rationale and impact of using that technology to move more burgers, Nonetheless, there are companies who see real possibilities for this. Certainly, it will make you look. But it also make you dizzy or wobbly depending on your viewing angle.

Consider Zinger Signs in Florida, which has announced:

Zinger’s 3D digital menu board technology allows restaurants to incorporate video promotions into their menu displays, and instantly update content to account for last-minute product and price changes for a single location or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world. “An operator can have a cross- promotion with a Hollywood 3D movie release, showing 3D clips to customers along with the product promotion. It’s a natural and the 3D creates additional profit opportunities,” states David Bawarsky founder of Zinger Digital Signs.

Zinger packages each solution with all the components and software needed to install and operate the menu boards including displays, mounts, signage players and software. Zinger’s 3D menu board solutions are available in landscape or portrait orientation, with any combination of a linear displays. The menu board solutions makes digital signage easy to install in QSRs, fast casual, coffee shops, concession stands, delis, supermarkets and movie theaters.

The menu board displays are available in 42″ & 55″ and are certified to operate 24/7. The displays come with Philips 3-year advanced exchange warranty. Zinger can also provide installation services and professional 3D content, including 2D to 3D conversions.

I’d need some really compelling evidence that the extra capital investment and new layers of creative work will deliver a return, but the marketplace will tell that story.


  1. Dave Thomas says:

    Wouldn’t it be even more useful if the people behind the counter were 3D?

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