Halo’d Screens Now Sold In Canada

April 19, 2012 by Dave Haynes

You can now source those displays with the subtle halo surrounds in Canada. Brighter Signs, the UK company behind the units, has started a company here, branded as Topaz Canada and having John Wheating as President of Sales.

The screens have patented tech that changes colors around the screen edge, the idea being this halo effect draws the eye and provides a nicer design aesthetic than plain old panel surrounds.

The Topaz line has screens varying in size from 24-55 inches, and the company has software and hardware partners, as well as an in-house design team. There’s also a 10-inch countertop version.

There’s about a 40%-50% premium over “normal” commercial panels, and the company is going primarily after the hospitality market (restaurants and bars, hotels, resorts and cruise ships) that likes a little bling.


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