COMB Adds Data Tools For Canadian OOH Planners And Sellers

April 19, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The non-profit measurement organization Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (aka COMB) has released new data-centric software for media planners and buyers, as well as sellers of conventional out-of-home advertising media.

Called the COMB Data Report,the tools enable users to quickly get a full perspective of COMB-approved OOH media product across the country. Planners can choose from over 250 markets, 38 indoor and outdoor OOH products, and 16 OOH media companies collectively representing close to 80,000 outdoor and indoor advertising faces or screens. The tools do not incorporate digital OOH and that is not on the near-term horizon, nor was the COMB Navigator planning analysis and reach-frequency tool that was launched about five months ago.

The software, developed by a third-party for COMB, lets planners to see just the data they need by building their own reports and is already installed on more than 1,000 Canadian media industry desktops. They can sort by numerous variables including indoor network, OOH media company, region and market population, to ultimately see the number of ad faces and the average market exposures (circulation) for the various OOH product types.

“This overview capability right at our fingertips saves agencies significant time and lets us instantly see the OOH landscape in our clients’ target areas,” says Sheri Metcalfe, VP Co-managing Director at Jungle Media and Chair of COMB’s Board of Directors. “We love data efficiency and COMB’s new tool delivers.”

The software is designed for auto updates and data refreshes every six months.


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