DSE Moves Site … Now At Other End Of LVCC

April 18, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The floor plan for the 2013 version of Digital Signage Expo suggests the show has changed halls.

The traditional location over by the food court and Starbuck’s in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center has been replaced by a new location in the South Hall. Officially, South Hall 1. If you are like me and DSE is one of many shows attended at the LVCC, I am pretty sure this is the one that has a set of stairs you walk down once in the door. When you get off the monorail, you don’t go straight and left. You go straight and just a little right and in. I’m not sure where the taxi stand is.

There is a food court down that way and it is apparently less grubby than the older north hall cafeteria thingie.

For a show that is still more than 10 months out the amount of booked space looks pretty good, though there one noticeable absentee from the gigantor booth bookings is Scala, though there is a space where you’d expect them to be. My guess is the company maybe has a hold on the spot, but hasn’t firmed that up.

Harris has a spot booked, kinda dispelling chatter the company is disengaging from this sector. I also heard a separate, reasonably learned opinion that No, they’re not puling the plug.

I asked about the hall change a few days ago, but think my question got lost in the answers I provided about suggested show changes.

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