Budget Buckets And DSPs Among Topics Of Digital OOH Forum This Week In NYC

April 9, 2012 by Dave Haynes

MediaPost is having its 4th Digital Out Of Home Media Forum on Wednesday in NYC, and the line-up looks pretty solid – though there is a healthy selection of people who seem to ALWAYS been in front of a mike at these sorts of things. I was hoping to go for once, but I will be lurking by streaming video once again – as being away last week and again this week is no workee for me or my clients.

I hope it gets streamed again, but seems to me that wasn’t heavily promoted last year and I just kinda discovered it.

The sessions on where Digital OOH belongs in the media plan and the whole debate around trading desk-style media buying platforms are the sessions that most intrigue me.

9:00 AM
Keynote: A Times Square Moment

It’s been called the “crossroads of the world,” but as far as digital out-of-home media is concerned, Times Square is clearly its epicenter. In a behind-the-scenes look at the ad industry’s digital Mecca, Time  Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins will describe a new program, Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery, which is a joint effort by the Times Square Advertising Coalition and the Alliance designed to transform the most famous intersection on the planet into a spectacular new showcase for art and creative content.  He will preview the new program for the screens in Times Square – dubbed the “world’s most exciting canvass” – and what that means for brand marketers and agencies alike.

9:30 AM

Keynote Conversation: What Marketers Really Want From Digital Out-of-Home Media

As global lead-consumer engagement & media strategy for the Gap brand at Gap Inc., Tricia Nichols understands the value of connecting with consumers in public spaces. In this candid conversation, Nichols will share here views on the rapidly changing technologies, ideas and creativity reshaping how, why and when marketers connect with consumers via digital out-of-home media, and what role it plays in their broader mix.

Tricia Nichols, Global Lead, Consumer Engagement & Media Strategy, Gap Brand at Gap, Inc.
Jim Harris, CEO, Wall Street Journal Office Network

10:00 AM
Interstitial Minute: The Evolution of In-Flight Advertising

Coming to a seat-back near you: A new technology is bringing the power of TV’s sight, sound & motion with cinema’s captiveness and the Web’s targeting, reporting and interactivity.

Garry McGuire, CEO, RMG Networks10:30 AM

Panel: Where Does Digital Out-of-Home Belong in the Media Plan?

To often it seems that digital out-of-home is left off the strategic plan.  In this panel, agency media planners with responsibility for developing an integrated approach to all media will explain how they currently see DOOH within the media mix.  How does the sector need to develop to strengthen its position?  This will be a warts-and-all discussion about current sector strength and weaknesses and what planners need from DOOH vendors.

Mike Bloxham, Executive Director, Marketing, Media Behavior Institute
Patrick Bonomo, EVP, Spafax Networks
Sarah Kotlova, Account Director & Strategist, Digitaria
Adam Potashnick, Global Media Director, Mediacom
Chris Raleigh, SVP Cable and Cross Platform Ad Sales, The Weather Channel Companies

11:20 AM
Interstitial Minute: This is Your Brain on Screens: The Movie

NCM Media Networks Senior Vice President of Strategic Insight and Analytics Doug Pulick will present findings of new neuroscience-informed biometric research revealing the emotional impact of cinema advertising on moviegoers, as well as new cinema advertising interactive & “second screen” technologies to reach them when they are in that highly-engaged state-of-mind.

Doug Pulick, SVP Strategic Insights, NCM Media Networks

11:30 AM
Panel: Brand Storytelling — How Can Digital Out-of-Home Creative Play a Central Role?

Increasingly brands approach their communications in terms of storytelling with integration taking place across media platforms. Leading creatives discuss the opportunities for digital out-of-home media as storytelling vehicles that reach consumers at key moments and offer their viewpoint on how creative potential can be leveraged.

Ellen Oppenheim, Founder, Oppenheim Media Consulting
James Cuff, Account Director, JWT
Tyler DeAngelo, Creative Director, DeVito Verdi
Michelle Harmon Madsen, VP, Director of Global Strategy and Sponsorship, LiquidThread/MediaVest

1:15 PM – Panel: Demand-Side Platitudes

How do buyers view the roll of digital out-of-home media in a rapidly changing overall media marketplace, where “demand-side” platforms, agency trading desks, and real-time bidding seem to be transforming the way all media get bought and sold? Buyers on this panel will include both generalists and outdoor specialists, as well as a trading desk perspective, who will hopefully answer the question: Will OOH ever go DSP?

Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief, MediaPost
Teri Gallo, VP, Marketplace Development, IPG’s Mediabrands Audience Platform
David Leider, CEO, Gas Station TV
Greg Patrick, General Manager, Digital Media, VUKUNET Ad Serving Platform, NEC Display Solutions of America
Martin Porter, Director, Hyperspace
Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President/Out-of-Home Activation Director, Starcom Worldwide

2:05 PM – Interstitial Minute: In-Store Digital in the Cosmetics Department: Macy’s Beauty Spot Touchscreen Kiosks

Eric Mauriello, senior vice president at Possible Worldwide will discuss the next generation of digital, in-store retail with a short presentation of the firm’s work with Macy’s to create the retailer’s new “Beauty Spot” interactive touchscreen kiosks. Designed to connect with younger cosmetics consumers, the Beauty Spot kiosks allow shoppers to browse and discover the best cosmetics for them with reviews, product recommendations to complement various complexions and the ability to connect with friends to ask for recommendations.

Eric Mauriello, Senior Vice President, Possible Worldwide

2:15 PM – Panel: New Measurement for a Developing Sector?

Does the digital out-of-home sector need to follow the path established by other media or can it create an approach that is uniquely suited to the space? Will buyers actually buy against metrics with which they are unfamiliar if it makes the job harder? Which approach will best facilitate planning, buying and selling to the benefit of all sides?

Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief, MediaPost
Tony Jarvis, Creative Director, Olympic Media Consultancy
Leo Kivijarv, VP Research, PQ Media
Paul Lindstrom, Senior Vice President, Nielsen OnLocation
Jim Spaeth, CEO, Media Behavior Institute

3:15 PM – Panel: When Out-of-Home Thinks Out-of-the-Box

Augmented reality, facial recognition, projection technologies that can create new media inventory literally out of thin air … out-of-home has always been the trailblazer of the media future, making the science-fiction become scientific fact. This panel will feature some of the industry’s leading futurists to explain how new technologies ranging from near field communications to Google Goggles Microsoft Kinect are transforming how consumers experience brands in OOH locations, and what might come after that.

Reuben Steiger, Principal, Method
Jeremy O’Brien, Global Futurist, Kinetic Worldwide
4:00 PM – Interstitial Minute

Fourth in a series of interstitial presentations showcasing a breakthrough digital out-of-home platform/experience.

Tim Daly, President, thinaire @tdaly1

4:10 PM – Panel: “I Wish I Thought of that DOOH Idea!”

Some of Madison Avenue’s most digitally savvy creative gurus will present the big digital out-of-home ideas, executions and golly gee experiences that make out-of-home locations the most exciting canvas in the advertising business.

Adam Broitman, Chief Creative Strategist, Something Massive @adambroitman
Gabe Garner, SVP, Digital Development, Firstborn
Tom Lyons, EVP, Director of Innovative Marketing, Deutsch NewYork

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