DSF Looking For Legislators

March 28, 2012 by Dave Haynes

If your heart races at the mere mention of things like committees and strategy initiatives, subsections and ratifications, you have my condolences … and my suggestion that you might be one of the few and proud who would actually enjoy being on the Legislative Committee of the Digital Signage Federation.

The organization’s 2012 Legislative Committee – chaired by of Peerless-AV and Linda Hofflander of Saddle Ranch Digital – is looking for “volunteers who would like to participate in developing programs that support the advancement of digital signage rights and advise on how to improve legislation, regulations, codes, and standards that affect the sale and use of digital signage and interactive technologies.”

Nice people. Important stuff. But … it takes a certain kind to stick with that sort of thing. Not I.

If you are game, contact the DSF.

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