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March 5, 2012 by Dave Haynes

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Neil van Wouw is the transplanted Canadian in Japan who, for the past year, has been working tirelessly to keep Japan’s recovery in the spotlight through micro-documentaries intended for Digital OOH networks.

Neil is in Las Vegas this week and sent a note last night asking for help to send “A Million Hearts To Japan.”

We are now just one week away from the first anniversary of the disaster in Japan. For a brief moment the spotlight will be back on Japan again as we all remember the shocking news of a year earlier. So much has been accomplished in the past year, but talking to the people of Tohoku, many feel that they are just now at the starting line of a recovery effort that may take the better part of a decade.

Ganbatte 365 (an NPO started by Neil van Wouw) has been working to increase the level of communication and awareness by creating content especially for DOOH. Since the disaster, Ganbatte 365 has created about 300 videos in Japanese and English, all creative commons licensed and freely useable by any media worldwide.

These last few weeks, they have been getting a global event together, for the purpose of collecting messages to Japan through Social media and playing those messages on outdoor media in Japan, currently at 300 locations in Tokyo on DOOH media that has a combined total OTS reach of 30 million per week.  Millions of tweets have been circulating the Internet about this project in the last couple of weeks and the messages are rolling in. There is even a photo message contest on Instagram that is going crazy right now – with individual entries receiving hundreds of likes and dozens of comments. Ganbatte 365 has even taken screens up to some the hardest hit areas to play the messages for the people there.

Take a few moments to participate and send a message yourself. It really only takes a few seconds. Details how to do it here:

 The call for participation is playing now on big signs in Vancouver (courtesy of Pattison Outdoor) and Hong Kong (courtesy of JM Network), and it’s looking very likely that it will be playing in Times Square this week. Please help and run this video on your media some time between now and March. 11.

Available for download right here (15 seconds, 720p @24fps in mov, mp4, or wmv):

or for media that play still only:

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