Net Display Wisely Using Good Coffee As DSE Booth Bait

March 2, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The line-up at the Starbucks in the Las Vegas Convention Center is always crazy long, so any vendor that has coffee brewing on the trade show floor is going to draw a crowd, including me.

The Dutch company Net Display Systems is at Digital Signage Expo this year (not sure they have shown in the past) and will a barista making free coffee, espresso or cappuccinos at its in-booth bar (yay!).

That’s a good way to pull people in – beats free pens and other doodads – so they can show off something called PADS4, the company’s latest version of its digital signage software solution.

And I quote:

With PADS4 you can effortlessly integrate real-time data of external data sources like MS Exchange, MS Dynamics, SAP, CMS systems, room reservation systems, queue management and social media (eg. Twitter and Facebook). (Re)-using and displaying existing database and CMS information is one of the key features of PADS4. NDS has developed a high-end digital signage solution that doesn’t require recreating existing content resulting in saving time and budget costs.

PADS4 makes it easier to use interactivity in a signage system. This interactivity can be based on several external triggers, such as touch screens, RFID, Barcode, QR Code, face recognition, etc.

With PADS4 you are well prepared for the future in Digital Signage. It enables you to deploy profitable installations whether they are small or extremely large multi sited.

Coffee will be on at booth 951.


photo credit: tonx via photopin cc

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