Mixer Name Badges At The Printer

February 29, 2012 by Dave Haynes

One of the big reasons we’ve been hounding people to register early and carefully for the mixer is because we are doing name badges for the first time at the mixer. I thought for a micro-second about those peel off and stick things, but they don’t actually stick.

So … we went in a completely different direction and have printed up 300 name badges that are unique to each attendee, right down to an embedded NFC thingie. Blue Bite is doing that part and between themselves, Insteo and Preset pulling all the check-in stuff together.

These badges are a bit like sideline passes at a pro football game. When you show up and get yours, the NFC tag will be read and you will get checked in, and that will be made known on screens at the venue. If you find your way to the Blue Bite station, you can get your badge read there and get a quick NFC demo. By doing that, you enter to walk away that night with a new Google Nexus phone that has NFC embedded.

The badge, on the back, has a QR code to scan and get contact and company info on the partners and sponsors.

Apart from the tech factor, we felt name badges with BIG LETTERS for the name and a clear, simple explanation for what people do, as in “I do … CONSULTING” would break the ice when people meet.

That’s just a bit of what will be going on. Registration is long since closed, but if are on the list and cannot make it, let me know. The wait list has 18 names on it at the moment.

  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    Kudos to Dan and the BlueBite team, walking the walk!

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