Preset DSE Mixer: Sponsor/Partner Profiles – DailyDOOH, TargetPath

February 27, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Just a week or so now until Digital Signage Expo and the big Preset Group mixer in Las Vegas. We’re run through a pile of profiles, but we’re not done yet.

Sponsor – DailyDOOH

Well if you are reading this there is an excellent chance another stop on your daily web travels is DailyDOOH. The UK-based blog on the digital signage and digital OOH marketplace has been around almost as long as this one, though for Adrian and the crew it’s a full-time business focused on the sector, while for me digital signage blogging is just a clever way to draw people in to then sell them on fractional ownership resort property on Baffin Island.

Look it up. Truly a getaway!!!

Anyway, Adrian Cotterill and his DailyDOOH property have been sponsors from the beginning, as well as big supporters of the effort in other ways. You will already know what DailyDOOH is about, but perhaps a little fuzzified by the idea of one industry blogger’s efforts being backed by another.

The people who spend a lot of time looking at, reporting on and analyzing this space don’t really compete that much. We kind of have our different angles, and we compare notes and cooperate quite a bit. You will find my guest posts here and there on DailyDOOH.

What’s also not all that known is that Adrian and his colleagues do a fair amount of behind-the-scenes work. And I quote from the site: A lot of the work that we do is industry analysis, market research, commercial and technical due diligence, product design, software reviews, RFI / RFP management, branding and market entry strategy.    

Technical Partner – TargetPath

Very well-known industry vets Brad Gleeson and Lou Giacalone Jr. offered and provided a lot of support in pulling this year’s event together – chasing down screens, testing some content and helping with logistics. Gleeson is a co-founder of Portland-based TargetPath, a management consulting firm that has been active in this space for a few years and is getting more so with the hiring of Giacalone.

TargetPath builds business through strategic planning, management consulting, marketing and brand development, product strategy, channel creation and expansion, supply chain, logistics and service optimization. They work closely with a number of companies, including Chilin Solutions.

Lou has a second home in Las Vegas and has been a big help sorting out and coordinating the venue. Booking a spot from three time zones away ain’t easy, so that help has been much welcomed.


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