Preset DSE Mixer: Sponsor/Partner Profiles – WireSpring, Real Digital Media

February 23, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The profiles keep coming for the various companies helping out with the big Preset DSE Mixer. The NFC-enabled name badges are being printed, visuals and tech are coming together and we have things like door staff worked out.

We’re still trying to figure out where we’ll have the break-dancing elephants come in and whether the freight elevators will support them. The air force has confirmed the B1 Bomber flyover.

In today’s profiles, we go to Florida:

Sponsors – WireSpring Technologies

If you have been around this space a long time and have done any reading and research, you will have come across the name Bill Gerba. With two others, Gerba founded his company almost 12 years ago and operates out of offices in (sigh) South Florida. He’s built WireSpring up through the years based in part of being one of the more prolific writers in the sector – with a focus on educating people as opposed to industry gossip or pulling part stupid stuff he’s come across. The deep body of material he’s produced on the science of creative design is essential reading.

But writing gets you profile and credibility. The product also has to be good. Gerba’s software company has some Tier 1 clients and his team wins business based on some of these key propositions:

Gerba offered to be a sponsor contingent on having a flaming FireCast drink developed and served. We are doing something with Bud Lite, Cuban rum and a road flare. And an exhaust fan.

Sponsor – Real Digital Media

On the other side of Florida and up, at Sarasota, is the main office of Real Digital Media. Like Bill is the face of WireSpring, Ken Goldberg is RDM. Like Bill, Ken is a very well-respected writer known for his periodic, always thoughtful takes on the meaning of deals and new developments. Like Bill, he doesn’t tend to promote his own pots and pans.

The software company has also been around for a whole bunch of years and in that time has developed some very nice contracts with companies like Cardinal Health, Subway and, recently, the RAVE cinema chain.

Real Digital Media does an integrated suite of NEOCAST-branded digital signage software prodicts for building and managing digital signage networks. The company uses  a scalable, high reliability store-and-forward set-up and hardened (secure) playback appliances. It’s reputed as bullet-proof and Ken is a big proponent of standards.

Both good companies and run by two of the smartest guys in the space. If you’ve not met them, make the effort.


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