Preset DSE Mixer: Sponsor/Partner Profiles – signagelive, NanoLumens

February 22, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Round Three of our profiles of the companies that are pitching in to pay the tab and get everything working at the upcoming Preset Group Mixer on March 6th, the night before the trade show floor opens at Digital Signage Expo. We enlisted a pile of sponsors so that if anything goes wrong, we have lots of options for allocating blame.

Among them:

Sponsor – signagelive

This is a UK-based digital signage software company that has in the past couple of years gone from a small company a few people knew about to a pretty substantial player that’s winning some major business. Run out of offices in Essex, England, signagelive is known particularly for a few things:

The company is run by Jason Cremins and is now expanding into the Americas, having brought on a well-known ex-CoolSign biz dev guy, Raffi Vartian.

signagelive is also helping out with some of the media playback stuff you will see at the mixer if you wangled access to the sold out event. Reminder – there is a wait list and it’s working (we’ve had some cancels and noticed a few dupe entries).

Technical Partner – NanoLumens

The guys from Georgia are bringing one of their crazy-big, crazy-light flexible LED displays and hanging it … somewhere … in the venue. As in past years (I never learn), I have not actually darkened the door of this place. Anyway, NanoLumens is bringing a 112-inch 6 mm pitch displays and we’ll use it to show what’s shaping up to be some very cool live content.

If you don’t know much about this company, you should. They do LED displays that blend the high quality output of conventional systems by companies like Barco and Daktronics with the lightweight and flexibility of manufacturers of low-rez LED lighting curtains. You end up with a massive LED display that is light enough to be suspended with piano wire, less than an inch thick and flexible, but as sharp as the tighter-pixel LED cubes the major manufacturers do.

Not all that elegantly, I liken the form factor of these things to big commercial grade rubber/fabric mats you see laid down in office lobbies in the winter.

The things are well-suited to events, which is evident in how the Nano guys will be running the 112 over from the LVCC on mixer day and then running it back that night – with no worries about forklifts and big damn trucks. They’ll probably just hump it up the stairs and into the lounge, and we may use zip ties to suspend it. Crazy, but totally workable. A standard LED block wall would take HOURS and HOURS to set up.

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