DSEmixer: We’re Just About Out … Of Tickets

February 10, 2012 by Dave Haynes

There was a moment, around noon today, when I thought The Preset Group’s DSE Mixer tickets were all going to be gone in 2-3 hours. But the initial rush calmed down and registrations ticked along at a more leisurely pace.

As of time-to-shut-down-and-go-for-a-nice-walk time here at the live bait shop/office, there are 14 slots left. So … if you want to go to this networking event, and don’t want to be reduced to joining the stream of grovelers who send me emails asking for tickies if people cancel, then act now.

Should be fun. A few calls and emails today suggest the on-site experience will be very cool, and someone is going to wobble off into the night clutching a drool-worthy piece of tech (and no it’s not another iPad draw).

Last-chancers go here: http://dsemixer12.eventbrite.com

photo credit: Daquella manera via photopin cc

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