Details: Preset’s DSE Mixer Registration Is Tomorrow

February 8, 2012 by Dave Haynes

So … tomorrow is registration day for the 2012 version of the The Preset Group DSE Mixer, featuring the Bridgestone  Halftime Show with Madonna and the Geico pig that screams “Wee Wee WEE!!!”

Here’s the deal. There are 300 spots, a percentage of those already allocated to sponsor invitees and to Pat Hellberg’s private security team and food-taster. The balance are available through online registration using EventBrite’s online event engine.

When you hit the dedicated page, there will be some sort of prompt to start registration and you will need to answer a handful of questions before getting a ticket. The questions are mandatory and include name, company, business category and shoe size. We’ll use that to generate name badges so that people mingling around will have a way out of those awkward, “Oh, hey, how are you, umm, buddy?” what the hell is his name moments.

We’re doing one registration at a time, so don’t – as I have seen – get the new person at reception to login and dump a pile of names in with as the contact.

We’re also asking that people limit the numbers from their companies. I’ve already had one nice person ask about getting six for herself and colleagues, and in past years I have seen 10 and more from one shop. The idea is to go to this thing and meet new people, not hang out with your workmates. So please be judicious and allow a whole cross-section of companies and people to attend.

A few reminders. There are tickets, but the event is free. Tickets control access and help us count numbers and plan budgets. It starts early (5:30 PM) so you can head over from the education conferences or set-up at the LVCC. There’s no food, as the venue doesn’t cater. It’s downtown at the Nugget, which is actually easier and faster to get to than hotels on the lower end of the Strip.

We’re working on a lot of new wrinkles this year, including a giveaway of something you’d actually really-really want, as opposed to free pens and (awesome) logo’d coffee mugs .

Registration will be at 11 AM Eastern, which allows people in Western Europe to still be at work and people on the West Coast to be up and about.

This is the dedicated registration page:

You can visit now but the ticket registration engine will not be live until the mentioned times tomorrow.

photo credit: Travlr via photopin cc

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