Digital Signage Saving Millions In Plant Costs For Flooring Giant

January 31, 2012 by Dave Haynes

LA-based software firm UCView has posted a nice white paper about work it did with the world’s biggest flooring supplier, Georgia-based Mohawk Industries.

It’s interesting because along with sorting out how to get HR and other company information out to masses of workers who don’t have or need company emails, the software is being used to save millions in production costs by tying into the giant machines that make carpeting.

Reads the paper:

An unexpected, but powerful spin-off benefit of the UCView digital signage software platform is the integration developed with the tufting machines – essentially huge sewing machines – that make carpeting. UCView’s software engineers developed the necessary interface to read and dynamically display the efficiency levels of each machine as they run. A display centrally mounted on the plant floors, within easy view of operators, shows a color-coded roundup of all the running units, offering real-time video cues of any looming problems.

(Mohawk’s Vincent) Grosso says UCView’s relatively simple integration work warns operators of falling efficiency levels on the machines, preventing costly breakdowns before they happen and prompting adjustments before the machines start producing flawed, unmarketable carpeting. “Company-wide, we think we’ll be saving millions of dollars.”

(Disclosure: pressDOOH developed the paper, but it’s being relayed here because I think it’s genuinely interesting)

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