DSA Looking For Industry Excellence

January 23, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Screenmedia Association has put a call out for entries for its Industry Excellence Awards, which celebrate  self-service, digital signage and mobile technology deployments across a bunch of vertical market segments.

The DSA says it welcomes entries from all interested companies – both members and non-members.


Technology (you can enter your project for one or more of these categories):

• Digital Signage

• Self-Service / Interactive Kiosk

• Mobile

Vertical market (choose only one):

• Digital Out-of-Home Campaign

• Entertainment/Gaming

• Financial Services

• Government/Education/Non-Profit

• Healthcare

• Restaurant/Food Service

• Retail

• Travel/Hospitality

• Other (industry not listed above)

There are also awards for an Industry Deployer of the Year (an individual honor) and Network Operator of the Year.

All the details on how and what to enter, and who won these honors in 2011, are here.

So, DSE has the Apex and Content awards, DSA has the Excellence awards … what are the DIGIs I keep seeing tweets about??? Honestly, awards are great but it’s easy to lose track of what is what, and for and by who.

The people who do these awards struggle to get entries (watch for extended and again extended deadlines), and I’d imagine a big reason is a lot of the industry doesn’t think the math of investment versus return works all that well, since no one set of awards is all that coveted.

That said, I think those companies that DO enter these things are smart marketers. The end-user community doesn’t know whether these honors equate to Oscars or People’s Choice awards. They just see award-winning.

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