Tying Digital OOH To Daily Deals

January 19, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Daily Deal Media, which covers the daily deal industry populated by companies like Groupon and Living Social, has released an annual industry outlook and year-in-review report with some interesting insights that would be useful to Digital OOH networks that partner these kinds of companies.

Among the key findings covered within the report:

The last one is interesting to me, as hyperlocal networks would seem a great platform for daily deals players to drive message frequency on offers that research confirms people just glance at in emails (so with emails, you get one chance and that’s it, but multiple impression opportunities in a Digital OOH environment).

The other opportunity for networks is new revenue. Through tracking, networks like RMG Networks are getting commissions from deals activated at premises where daily deal partner spots run (Groupon is a prime partner).


  1. Amy Beaver says:

    This is a great idea. When I was working in OOH we saw daily deal companies using billboards to promote their deals. Now working in proximity mobile marketing and partnering with digital signage networks, I could see daily deal sites being great partners for us.

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