Jan. 24 DSA Webinar Set On Location-Based Marketing & Mobile

January 13, 2012 by Dave Haynes

You could just imagine how this could turn into a Pitch-O-Rama, but we’ll have faith that the moderator will keep the participants in an upcoming DSA webinar on location-based marketing educational and not promotional.

The Digital Screenmedia Association webinar on Jan. 24, 1 EST, is called  Using Location-Based Marketing Technology to Reach the Mobile Consumer.

This session will bring together three experts who will provide unique perspectives on the capabilities, value, and future of leveraging location information. In addition, you will get to hear a case study of Meijer’s implementation of location awareness into their mobile applications.

Attendees will learn:

• How brands can use the smartphone explosion to engage consumers.

• What is location based marketing and why all the “buzz” around this capability?

• How can brands leverage location to improve customer engagement?

• How to utilize location data to better target their efforts.

The guys on the line are:

The moderator is Jared Miller, the Managing Director, Self-Service & Emerging Technology, for United Airlines.

Webinar attendance is free but you first need to register here.


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