Shuttle Joins Skinny Digital Signage PC Pack

January 10, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Shuttle has been around for ages with smallish PCs that are about the size of toasters – good for tight spots in an equipment cabinet or up on a shelf, but still to big and bulky to attach to the back of a display panel.

I see from the blizzard of press coming out of the CES show this week that Shuttle now has (and maybe has had for a while, but news to me) a super-slim PC that competes in form factor with the little units Apple, Advantech, Aopen, IAdea and Asus have been selling for years now. Shuttle specifically references them as digital signage boxes.

The Taiwanese company says its Slim and All-in-One series units are designed for the sector. The release is pretty much empty of detail, but some digging around reveals the units are indeed skinny (38.5 mm) and fanless (good), run Intel chips and have an Nvidia Ion, which means the video playback will be quite good.

No price, but thinking something $600 or so. Barebones units are $200ish online.


  1. Howard Smith says:

    We have over the years shipped around 3000 Shuttle units as players and we can vouch for their reliability and quiet operation.

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