Scala Works Deal For Connected Digital Signage On A USB Stick

January 10, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Software maker Scala is continuing its push – and pretty much a solitary push – into the digital picture frame market.

The company has announced a strategic partnership with Isabella Products to “develop sales, marketing, and technology initiatives for 2012 and beyond for the digital signage market.”

Based outside of Boston, Isabella describes itself as “a leading mobile device company developing a family of connected wireless products that enrich and entertain your everyday life. Through its VizitMe content management service, Isabella effectively and securely delivers and manages real-time content experiences among a portfolio of innovative products including Vizit, Mini, and Fable (the latter available in fall 2012).”

In the context of digital signage, the agreement means Scala’s SignChannel picture frame-centric service will work with Isabella’s cellular-based devices to drive content to screens and manage networks.

The Vizit-DS and Mini-DS products will provide Scala with integrated 2G/3G cellular solutions for reliably delivering digital signage content across multiple display environments throughout various locations. Utilizing Isabella’s existing relationships with world-class wireless carriers, Vizit-DS and Mini-DS will be marketed through Scala’s existing global sales and distribution channels.

“Combining Scala’s global presence and expertise in the digital signage business with Isabella’s compelling, cost-effective product portfolio with mobile capabilities, we are excited to introduce these new products and services to a whole new market,” says Matthew I. Growney, Founder, CEO of Isabella Products.

The proposition is that plugging this gear into the SignChannel service allows the entry-level market to very easily get a network up with no training, and using simple cellular data connections.

“The Mini-DS is a game changer,” says Jeff Porter, President of SignChannel. “Just plug the Mini-DS into any TV and you will have a SignChannel player. It couldn’t be easier. In addition, the Vizit-DS makes deploying a kiosk just as easy – simply add electricity, nothing more! With SignChannel’s ease of use and Isabella’s relationships in the cellular industry, deploying digital signage and kiosks just got a whole lot simpler.” 

I don’t know about game-changer, but it’s certainly not like Jeff to hype things (I’m smiling as I type that). However, the 3G-connected Digital Signage player on a USB stick is pretty interesting for bare-bones jobs that are never going to require much sophistication or be all that “mission-critical” for the operator.

I’d imagine this will be on demo at ISE later this month and DSE in a a couple of months.

  1. Howard Smith says:

    Maybe I am wrong but it doesn’t appear any different than which has been around for a fair while and used in DS applications by some other vendors 😉

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