Pattison Onestop Teams With National Film Board of Canada For Unique Digital OOH Content

January 6, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Pattison Onestop continues to do some decidedly different things (yay!) with programming on its big screen network in Toronto’s subway system – the latest being a collaboration with the famed National Film Board of Canada.

The HIGHRISE/ONE MILLIONth TOWER project (their CAPS, not sure why) is a multimedia program that includes video running on platform screens and images on platform posters. It is running across the 59-station TTC system through to the end of February. Thirty-second animated videos play every 10 minutes, all day, on Pattison Onestop screens.

Says the Art For Commuters website:

Capturing more than one million commuters’ attention, the project is a twofold art installation developed by curator Sharon Switzer, featuring a site-specific version of the newest edition of the NFB’s HIGHRISE project: a multi-year, multi-media, collaborative documentary experiment about the human experience in global vertical suburbs. This material imagines the beautiful transformation of a rundown Toronto highrise tower, with landscapes inspired by its inhabitants.

“I am thrilled to be working with the NFB. I have great respect for the ground-breaking work that Katerina is doing, and can’t wait to share this inspiring project with our commuters,” said Sharon Switzer, Digital Content and Programming Curator for Pattison Onestop.

The content is also running in the OOH/Digital OOH company’s residential building lobby network.

“It’s so awesome that HIGHRISE is going underground, into the everyday lives of commuters in this city. When we were dreaming up ideas for the project, we had the TTC on our wish list but I never thought we’d actually make it!” states Katerina Cizek, NFB director, filmmaker and digital creator of the International Digital Emmy Award winning 360º documentary, HIGHRISE/ Out My Window.

Art-speak decoder ring time:

HIGHRISE is a multi-year, multi-media, collaborative documentary experiment about the human experience in global vertical suburbs. Under the direction of documentary-maker Katerina Cizek and National Film Board Senior Producer Gerry Flahive, the HIGHRISE team is generating web-documentaries, live presentations, installations, mobile projects and documentary films.

ONE MILLIONth TOWER, is an NFB documentary set in an HTML5 virtual landscape, that re-imagines the urban landscape, using the magic of cinema, architecture, animation and cutting-edge open-source web technology to transform a dilapidated highrise neighbourhood into a vibrant resident-led community.

You can poke around on the website and see the interactive HTML5 thing play out. You can also see HTML5 ain’t matching up with Flash just yet. Pretty choppy.

As spotted in Mediacaster

  1. Eric says:

    Watched this back in November when Mozilla/Wired had launched this. The “movie” part wasn’t too choppy from what I remember. Anyway, interesting project…they should do that in more communities.

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