Japanese Vending Machine Tests Transparent LCDs, Video Analytics

December 16, 2011 by Dave Haynes

[youtube id=”8pPCIPHTe3M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Japanese tech news site DigInfo TV has a post and video up about a concept involving a transparent LCD, vending machines and video analytics.

This concept model for a next-generation vending machine, which features a see through display, is being developed by Sanden, a large manufacturer of vending machines, in conjunction with Okaya Electronics and Intel. This concept model has a vertical, 65-inch, Full HD transparent display. The products behind the display can be seen through the glass, and you can simultaneously see high definition text, pictures, and Flash animations on the display.

“This vending machine uses the Intel SandyBridge Core. It features Audience Impression Metric, or AIM, and can do anonymous face recognition. So this machine can recognize whether customers are male or female, or old or young.”

When there aren’t any customers, the machine shows a large digital clock and animations, to attract the attention of people passing by. If a customer stands in front of the machine, it estimates their attributes from anonymous video analysis, and shows advertising content to match the customers demographic.

“In this demo, we’re suggesting that vending machines could be used to purchase luxury items, such as cosmetics and wine. The machine also has a public safety mode in times of emergency, which shows information such as evacuation routes.”

Kinda sorta interesting. The monochromatic, almost gothic creative being used is a total head-scratcher. I know these transparent LCDs can do color, so why wouldn’t you. These machines have big glass faces so why not use them, I suppose. Whether they really need to be interactive is an open question.

Certainly, the Stratacache guys with their PrimaSee product see a lot of legs in the transparent LCD market.



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