Cosmetic surgery network launches in Spain

November 30, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Medical networks are without argument one of the strongest verticals for Digital Out Of Home, but I can’t recall seeing a network that got focused on cosmetic surgery. Until this morning.

A Barcelona-based software startup, Beablooo, has worked a deal with the Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery to launch CosmesisTV.

“Beabloo has provided us with CosmesisTV, a great tool to communicate directly with patients. Now our patients feel more informed while they wait to see their doctor. Beabloo, along with CosmesisTV, has noticeably improved the perception of the time spent in waiting rooms, and allowed us to offer additional information about scientific improvements, therapeutic novelties, and sector news, among other relevant topics,” says Society president Dr. J. Víctor García.

The programming in the wait areas involves things like doctor profiles, segments about different conditions, details on procedures and treatments and, importantly, offers and promotions that can drive business.

The only similar network I can think of is a cosmetic dentistry network in the US, though others may well exist. Like networks that focus on specific medical conditions, this strikes me as making a fair amount of sense if the business and programming models get nailed down.



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