rAVe: DSE announces 10 pre-conference educational sessions

November 29, 2011 by guest author, rAVe Publications

Digital Signage Expo has released detailed on 10 educational programs set for Tuesday, March 6th as part of its pre-conference curriculum. The courses include:

  1. The Digital Place-Based Advertising Summit designed specifically for Brand Marketers, Advertising professionals and digital place-based network operators.
  2. The Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE) Program designed for those whose professional involvement requires a full understanding of all of the elements of digital signage and the interconnected technologies.
  3. The Digital Signage Guided Installation Tour designed to provide behind-the-scenes insights into some of the best digital signage installations in Las Vegas.
  4. 3D Workshops designed to provide a clearer understanding of the latest in 3D technologies.
  5. NEW Digital Signage in Transportation designed specifically for professionals faced with the unique challenges of providing digital communications in public transportation settings.
  6. NEW Digital Signage 360: A Global Perspective designed to literally give technology providers, system integrators, network operators and advertising professionals a worldwide overview of the opportunities, challenges and state-of-the-art accomplishments in digital signage.
  7. Platt Retail Institute Retailer Educational Forum designed specifically to provide retailers with unique insights into store marketing, consumer-facing digital platforms and digital signage at retail.
  8. NEW Hands-on Content Workshop with four individually facilitated tracks designed specifically for content strategists, planners and designers in Retail, Restaurants, Banking and Corporate Communications.
  9. Speed II Digital Signage Training designed for end-users and suppliers of dynamic place-based signage to quickly “get up to speed” on what they need to know to plan, execute and manage digital signage installations.
  10. NEW Mobile Models You Can Believe In designed for those who wish to learn how to incorporate and take best advantage of the mobile component that can plug consumers into communications programs in varying environments including Retail, Higher Education, Corporate Communications and other large scale public displays.

Details are here: http://www.digitalsignageexpo.net/

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