Back in the saddle

November 21, 2011 by Dave Haynes

OK, back from a very busy few days in California and Oregon, and a buncha airplane rides that included landing gear that wouldn’t go up, ground fog and turbulence. Whee!

Things I learned traveling: you can rent a car now without ever talking to anyone (Alamo kiosks), major hotels think  offering less than 20 TV channels on crappy old CRTs is OK (Embassy Suites — pffffft) and while Portland’s airport is very nice and has street pricing, the little downstairs gate it has for shuttle flights is about the size of a college dorm room and is pretty much ridiculous at 5:30 AM.

And my e-mail accounts barely worked all week (thanks GoDaddy —- pffft).

On the other hand, a great few days in just about every other way. Now to pull all the receipts out of everywhere in my bags and pockets …

Back to blogging. New posts to follow shortly.

  1. Judy Hoffman says:

    Welcome back, weary traveler. Waiting to read your posts.

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